Dandong City

2009-07-20 18:19 BJT

Dandong is located alongside the Yalu River and in the southeast of Liaoning Peninsula, with the Yellow Sea in the South, and Dalian city in the southeast. It borders on Anshan in the west, Benxi in the north, and the Jilin Province in the northeast. She faces the city of Sinuiju of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea across the Yalu River. With the land area of 14, 950 square kilometers, the total population of Dandong is 2.4 million, including 0.7 million of which are urban people. Dandong is the biggest Border City in China.

Dandong is advantageous in geographic location for it is along Yalu River, along Yellow Sea and the border. She sits on the central belt of Northeast Asia, with 210km long borderline to the Korea Peninsula. The Dandong Railway, 220km from Pyongyang, 420km from Seoul, is the major land port connecting the Europe-Asia continent with Korea Peninsula, which is an important part of the Europe-Asia Railway system, connecting with the Japan, Seoul, Pyongyang, Beijing and Moscow.

- Climate:

Dandong enjoys a moderate climate. It is picturesque in scenery with so many historical sites and border sightseeing. It is indeed a good place for vacation, retreat and tourism. Along the Dandong boundary, there are two national-class tourist resorts: Yalu River and the famous Phoenix Mountain, and four provincial-class tourist resorts: the Qingshan Gully, Dagu Mountain, Wulong Mountain and Tianqiao Guooy. The tourism in Dandong has become a newly developed industry.