04-30-2009 21:24

Beneath the earth and all around us lie the unexplained works of Man and Nature. New Frontiers investigates the enduring mysteries in our past and in Nature, in order to push forward our understanding of the world we live in today.

Broadcast on CCTV-9 five days a week, Monday to Friday, New Frontiers is a 30-minute programme that gets to the heart of its subject in single episodes and series.

New Frontiers hears from the archaeologists, the anthropologists, and the historians who have extended the boundaries of what we know about our own past, our planet’s history, the natural world around us, and the universe. Their stories are brought to life through documentary footage, re-enactments and outstanding visual and audio effects.

Much of New Frontiers’ programming focuses on China’s own history, and the country’s natural environment. Anyone with an interest in China’s culture, civilisation, and natural heritage will be fascinated by New Frontiers.

In New Frontiers, we open your eyes to the unsolved mysteries of history. We focus on the most important landmarks of civilization and nature, across China and beyond, to unveil the truth about mankind and our world, past and present. Tune in every week, Monday to Friday, only on CCTV International.


Editor:Liu Fang