Jiang Ying
Women鈥檚 Volleyball Champion in Los Angeles Olympic Games 11-22-2004 14:57

In 1982, the old guard of the Chinese Women鈥檚 Volleyball team retired. They had brought the team unparalleled success. There was only two years to go before the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The new core players faced an uphill battle in the lead-up to the Olympics. Playing against the American team, the Chinese athletes gained a convincing victory. Today, we will catch up with two of the members of that team. Both women now live abroad. Jiang Ying is raising her family in Adelaide, Australia and allowed us to meet her family. The more reclusive Yang Xilan now lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. The two women鈥檚 careers after volleyball couldn鈥檛 be more different.

After a difficult beginning, Jiang Ying and her family have adapted to Adelaide鈥檚 lifestyle. Her two sons are equally comfortable with Australian culture at school and Chinese culture at home. Her husband especially enjoys fishing. They now have a small boat and often take it out for fishing trips.

Many Chinese athletes are drawn overseas once their careers have peaked. There are more opportunities to continue playing or coaching abroad than at home. Both Jiang Ying and Yang Xilan played for foreign teams. Once their playing days were over, their lives went in quite different directions. Jiang Ying devotes her time to her two sons. She values a happy family life above all else. We know little about Yang Xilan鈥檚 personal life since going to Switzerland. But we do know she is still an ardent and loyal supporter of Chinese sports.

Editor:Xiang Jing

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