Su Huijuan 08-17-2004 09:30

1984 was a golden year for Chinese athletes, especially for the Chinese women's volleyball team. At the Los Angeles Olympics that year, China's first team to compete won the world championship. These girls instantly became the idols of the nation, and many of the star players in this team are remembered to this day. But those who were not in the limelight deserved the same credit. They worked as hard, and made the same contributions. Su Huijuan was one of them. A substitute player for that golden team, she is now playing in a Swiss club. Although the team is different, Su is still enjoying the same game that she chose as her career.

Su Huijuan was born in the year of the dragon according to the Chinese traditional calendar, and for Su, this legendary animal is not only a lucky symbol, but also a special honor that is recognized even by Swiss volleyball fans. In this beautiful and friendly country, Su Huijuan is enjoying a new culture. She also finds new satisfaction in her sports career that once made her the pride of a whole nation. In half retirement, she is savoring her new life to the fullest.

For Su Huijuan, such a busy day is never boring and tiring. With her family around, she is never lonely in her new homeland. Aside from training, Su Huijuan mostly spends her day cooking and looking after her child. With her husband, Su Huijuan always tries to adapt to the new lifestyle, and enjoys every minute of her new life.

In China, Olympic champions are given prestige and honored by the whole nation. But that honor has constantly put pressure on the athletes. Many of them find it hard to adjust to the new pace of life after retirement. Having devoted their best years to their sports, these former champions now have to seek much less extraordinary new careers. Although still involved with volleyball, Su Huijuan is just enjoying the ease and comforts her new life and career brings. Maybe this is the real success she has been working towards for so many years.


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