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•  Jurassic Park in China ----Part 1-part 4
    Southwestern China鈥檚 Guizhou Province holds a special place in China鈥檚 history. The area is scattered with important sites from prehistoric to modern times. The forest has remained almost unchanged since the Jurassic Period.The awe-inspiring scenery and living fossils are just one of the area鈥檚 claims to fame. After suffering heavy losses in a series of bloody battles, the Red Army took the town of Zunyi in 1935.
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•  12.26-12.29: Jurassic Park in China (part1-part4)
For millions of years, spinulose tree ferns have grown in the Chishui River valley, Southwestern China鈥檚 Guizhou Province. Long after they died out in other areas, the unique conditions here protected them from changes in the environment. Seeing these ferns from the Jurassic, people naturally wonder if there were dinosaurs here too. Although no fossils have been found, there is some evidence that dinosaurs once roamed the valley.
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