11-28-2007 14:06

Studio Guests:

Professor Richard Balme, program director of Science Po in China, School of Government of Peking University,

Ding Yifan, the institute of world development under the State Council.

Telephone Interview:

Professor Pierre Defraigne, director of EUR-IFRI, the Brussels branch of the French Institute of International Relations in Paris

Mr. Bruno Cautres, political scientist at CEVIPOF in Sciences Po.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has good reasons behind his big smile here during his current three-day official visit to China. He and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao presided over the signing of eleven big contracts worth of 30 billion US dollars. That is perhaps why China becomes the first Asian country he would visit after taking office six months ago.

But, the two sides, especially France, never bothers to conceal its criticisms about the lack of China’s WTO commitments and what it calls poor human rights record in this Asian powerhouse. France gave China a bear hug when Germany aroused anger from Beijing due to the meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Da Lai Lama.


Editor:Du Xiaodan