08-21-2006 16:05

Air Time:Aug.20


Prof. Teng Jimeng, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Ruan Jihong, Ph.D Student, Peking University

If you ask someone in China who would become the most popular figure last year, besides the names of Olympic champions, Li Yuchun, the name of a 21-year-old girl from mainland China, would most likely to pop up. She won the fame by winning the televised American Idol like singing contest, produced by a local TV station in China, which had a rather entertaining name, Mongolian Con Sour Yogurt Super Girls' Voice. The show was said to have joined the largest audience in history of Chinese television. One year has passed, the Super Girl Contest is once again underway with the same program format, almost the same hosts and the same type of participants. But it seems that people are less and less interested in talking about the singers and more and more about the program advertising revenue, its taste and social impact.