12-30-2005 13:55

1980-86: Two BA degrees for English literature and international journalism, English Department, Shanghai Foreign Studies University.

1986-88: World News Dept, Central People’s Radio Service

1988-93: Managing Editor, anchor and senior producer, English News Service, China Reports and China Today, External Service, China Central Television

1993-94: MA, mass communications, Wales University Cardiff College, UK

1994- Host and executive producer, Dialogue, English Channel, China Central Television

Yang Rui, male, 41, born in Jilin, currently works for CCTV-9, an English channel of China Central Television. He used to work for China National Radio as a sub-editor for world news between 1986 and 88. He got the job at CCTV in 1988 when he quickly became the co-host of Focus, CCTV’s first current-affairs magazine show in English. He is the producer and anchor of the 30-minute current-affairs talk show called Dialogue. This show enjoys the highest rating on CCTV-9 and ranks among the top ten of CCTV’s eleven channels. Each week this program is broadcast from Monday through Friday.

Their guest speakers include former US President Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, former Chief of the UN Dr. Bhotros Bhotros Ghali, Mr. Hou-Hou Hua, Chief Executive of the Macao SAR Government, Michael Deaver, former chief of staff of Ronald Reagan, foreign ministers and ambassadors, bureau chiefs of overseas media organizations in Beijing, academics, Chinese and foreign alike, successful entrepreneurs, scientists, criminals, educators and government officials. They have covered a wide range of current affairs such as post-cold-war international reconfigurations in Europe, Africa, Asia, trans-atlantic relations as well as almost all important bilateral ties. They also devote many profound and interesting discussions to sensitive issues such as human rights, religious freedom, the death penalty, political reform, the rise of critical journalism in China, transformations of governmental functions, economic restructuring and particularly the rise of the private sector as well as the faltering SOE reforms. Environmental protection and sustainable development account for many of the panel discussions on the show. Guest speakers from different political and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to voice their own opinions on this very rare forum. As anchor and producer, Yang Rui pursues objective and accurate reporting. He understands the international society and his own mission.

Target audiences of Dialogue are basically composed of three catagories: those native speakers at home and abroad, those who use English as the working language in China and those who study English as the foreign language. With China’s entry into the WTO and its success in winning the bid to host the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, there is a sweeping craze of English learning in China. CCTV-9 therefore enjoys a large following among the younger generation here in this country.

Mr. Yang Rui took over Sunday Topics(Dialogue was known as Sunday Topics)on Sept. 25th 2000 when the English channel was established. Previously he worked for the English News Service as senior producer and news presenter as well as managing editor. After he returned from a one-year study at the Cardiff College Wales University with MA in mass communications in 1994, he became producer and the most senior reporter of the channel’s reporting team. He was at the handover ceremonies of both Hongkong and Macao’s return, an honor that only the most capable and experienced reporter can be bestowed upon. He was sent to the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games and the 2000 Sydney Olympics as the sole reporter with the Overseas Service of CCTV.

He has won many prizes and honors over the past decade. The most outstanding are:

1. CNN’s special prize for Tea House, a feature comparing local cultures in Beijing and Shanghai;

2. Twice the Test Team prize for running the reporting team and the Dialogue team on CCTV-9;

3. Dialogue ranks among top ten in 2001 at CCTV;

4. National model reporter for the 1998 national anti-flooding reporting campaign;

5. Special prize of the Rainbow National Television News Contest in 2001 for interviewing a former Falungong practitioner.

6. Special researcher with media center of Tsinghua University.


Editor:Chen Zhuo