Henan Opera performer Jin Buhuan

2009-06-25 20:50 BJT


Jin Buhuan is the one who makes them laugh. He's devoted his entire career to entertaining his millions of fans. The Henan Opera performer has brought the centuries-old role of the clown to the pitch of perfection.

It’s only late March; and Jin Buhuan is already girding up for his 50th performance of 2009. For nearly half his life, the 40-year-old has worked with fierce intensity.


Over the years, Jin Buhuan has entertained millions of devoted fans. He’s a household name in China’s most populous province, Henan.

Jin Buhuan said, “Henan Opera is a very popular art form. When tired and weary, a farmer will hum a melody. It will help refresh and inspire them. In Henan, each village is home to many opera fans. Henan opera is a must-have for any temple fair. Its popularity even reaches beyond the province to neighboring regions.”

Jin Buhuan’s specialty is the clown, the jester of China’s traditional opera. Performing and singing take this role far beyond that of its counterpart in the western circus.

The clown often represents the Everyman, in whom each member of the audience may occasionally catch a glimpse of himself.