Spy film "The Message" releases first trailer

2009-06-15 08:54 BJT

China's World War Two spy film "The Message" has released its initial trailer this week. And the movie's cast members admitted they suffered intense emotional stress while starring in the film.

Being one of this year's major Chinese film productions, "The Message" received a lot of media attention long before its shooting began. The one-minute trailer gives a sneak peek into the complex relationships between the movie's characters. But none of the cast members said a word about the movie's plot line.

Multi-award-winning actress Zhou Xun says that she suffered an emotional breakdown while trying to portray her role. She called "The Message" the most challenging film she has ever been involved in. She says much of the time she had to rely on alcohol and sleeping pills. The pressure was also felt by other cast and crew members.

Zhang Hanyu, actor, said, "Miss Zhou was under great pressure. She couldn't go to sleep so she had to drink some wine and smoke a cigar to release her pressure. The character had driven her a little insane. Li Bingbing didn't smoke and drink before. But in the film, she was required to drink and smoke heavily."

"The Message" was set in Japanese-occupied China in 1942. It tells a story of a Japanese spy chief trying to identify a Chinese agent from a group of suspects. Produced by China's leading entertainment producer Huayi Brothers, the film is the company's tribute to the 60th birthday of the People's Republic of China.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com