Where to eat vegetarian food in China?

2009-06-09 15:35 BJT


Lily Vegetarian

It is a vegan restaurant, which arranges classic book review and various lectures at weekend in all of its three branches.
Average price per person: 30-300 yuan (US$3.8-38)
Tel: 6202-5284/6287-8726/6405-2082
Website: www.ertong.org

Tian Chu Miao Xiang

It has always been committed to promoting vegetarian culture and Confucious ideology.
Average price per person: 30-50 yuan (US$3.8-6.3)
Address: First Floor, Chuangye Plaza, Tsinghua Science Park, East Gate of Tsinghua University
Tel: 6279-7078/6278-0859/8983-3390
Website: www.liaofan.com

Gong De Lin

A combination of southern and northern flavors and tries to maintain original tastes of materials.
Average price per person: 40-50 yuan (US$5-6.3)
Address: 158 Qianmen Street (Due to the renovation of the street, the restaurant now pauses sales.)
Tel: 6702-0867/6511-2542