Shooting starts for army drama in Inner Mongolia

2009-05-25 09:30 BJT


In North China's Inner Mongolia, shooting has started for a TV drama on army life. The Flying Military Flag, a 25-episode series, is based on a novel by Shi Zhongshan.

Still of "The Flying Military Flag", a 25-episode series, is based on a novel by Shi Zhongshan
Still of "The Flying Military Flag", a 25-episode series, based on a 
novel by Shi Zhongshan

Producer Zhu Shimao met the press on Wednesday in Zhangjiakou. With him were director Zhu Shichun and lead actors Xia Yu and Ma Su. Zhu Shimao said the series will be a departure from the conventional depiction of soldiers. The focus will be placed on the love lives of two rivals.

Zhu Shimao, producer & actor, said, "Each year I read numerous scripts. But this one really stunned me. So I decided to invest in the production. I will play a minor role. Xia Yu plays the solider; I will play his father, a senior government official. The mother will be played by Cong Shan. I have always found her a perfect actress for such a character."

The story is about the experiences of Ma Bayi, who to everyone's surprise, joins the army. The years in the camps shape his life and outlook. and he finds the love of his life.

Zhu Shimao himself served in the army for some twenty years. He says it's a delight and honor to produce the show.

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