Historical epic "Nanking, Nanking"

2009-05-18 09:24 BJT


It's a month since the historic epic "Nanking, Nanking" was released on the big screen. The film has garnered praise from both audiences and critics. Today, we'll put our spotlight on this epic, about its director and some of its lead actors and actresses.

This painstaking screen effort began in 2006, and wrapped up in 2009. The 3-year odyssey made young director Lu Chuan one of the most hard working filmmakers of modern China.

The theme is both grand and sensitive, the scenes are demanding. Arranging the story with multiple plots was troublesome...a big challenge for the young director.

At the film's premiere, a video of an interview with the director's father, a writer, was played. The father couldn't describe the hardship his son had faced. Both father and son couldn't keep the tears away at the premiere when they watched the interview.

As well as the hard working director, the cast members are also very dedicated to the film. Lead cast members Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan, Fan Wei and Qin Lan attended every promotion of the film. Dressed in sombre colors, the crew members regarded the shooting and each promotion as a way learn to more about the piece of history.

Actress Gao Yuanyuan said, "I put one year of my life into this film, but it repaid me by helping me to grow up, equaling many years, may be more than ten years."

As the lead actor of the film, Liu Ye plays Lu Jianxiong, a man with an unyielding spirit. This character represents the force of the Chinese people to stand to fight the massacre.

One scene of Liu's role, when he faces death with an unflinching expression, is unforgettable. It's an extension of the "tough guy" image for Liu Ye, who had been remembered as an introverted gentlemen until he began to reveal his tough side in "Blood Brothers", "Connected", "The Underdog Knight" and "Iron Man", and now in "Nanking, Nanking".

Actor Liu Ye said, "I was fixed into roles with mild, melancholy personality. But a string of roles, including this one in Nanking Nanking, might change people's impression of me. I would be very happy if I hear someone call me tough guy Liu Ye."