05-11-2009 09:22

Chinese rock music pioneer Cui Jian is set to make his directorial debut with "Chengdu I Love You", a film telling three love stories over a 52 year span. The film started shooting half a month ago and has just released its first publicity photos.

On December 2008, Mainland rocker Cui Jian joins two other directors on the joint production of Chengdu I Love You. He's working with Hong Kong director Fruit Chan and South Korea's Jin-ho Hur.

Set in three time periods -- 1976, 2008 and 2029 -- the three romances will see each director making individual contributions to the film. Cui is put in charge of the future segment of the film, the love story taking place twenty years from now.

Before the solo effort, Cui composed music for both Beijing Bastards, a 1993 film by Zhang Yuan, and the 2002 Jiang Wen production Devils on the Doorstep. He had a cameo in the first film. As for directing, he's pretty much a newcomer.

Director and singer Cui Jian said, "I am only a student in making films. Communication with the other two directors is important. I've been to Chengdu for many times, but I didn't come with a guitar this time. I come to know the city from another perspective."

The future segment of Chengdu I Love You takes place in a pub. Cui refused to release further details, but says the film will tell the story of the vigor of life. He will employ the power of music to soothe the pain of the quake-stricken city.

As for casting, Cui has selected Huang Xuan, a freshman to screen and singer Tan Weiwei in the lead roles.

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