05-07-2009 09:14

The world art market faces challenges in 2009. In addition to internal pressures, there is also the impact of the financial crisis. China's fast rising art market has to face up to these challenges to create more opportunities for development. Amid these challenges, the Art Beijing 2009 Contemporary Art Fair has opened.

Regarded as the barometer of the spring auction market for the Chinese mainland, the event is now in its fourth year.


Art Beijing 2009 Contemporary Art Fair has opened. 
Art Beijing 2009 Contemporary Art Fair has opened. 

Thought it covers only 16-hundred square meters at Beijing's Agricultural Exhibition Center and there are fewer foreign participants, organizers say the aesthetic quality artworks is much higher. There will be more selective in choosing artists and their works.

Gallery owner Zhuang Guolin said, "The global financial turmoil has really helped to wash out the market speculators because they couldn't see any short-term profits. What's left were those who really love art and want to collect them. I'm really happy that these people can again have dominance in the art market."

Faced with a changeable economic situation and a strong wave of domestic and overseas art markets in 2009, the annual event has tried to unify domestic and international art forces and resources.

This year, the event has given a special platform for young curators to show their creativity.

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen