05-07-2009 09:06

The Canada Youth Ballet Company launched its China tour on Monday night.

The show on Monday night displays a combination of dances from classical ballet, Chinese folk dances, and contemporary dance. Among them are selections from Swan Lake and the Nutcracker, and from the dance drama "River of Women", a recent creation of Chinese choreographer Zhang Jigang.

The Canada Youth Ballet Company launched its China tour on Monday night. 
The Canada Youth Ballet Company launched its China tour on Monday night. 

The cosmopolitan troupe is composed of dancers from across the world, including China, France, the US, Russia, and Japan, and, of course, Canada. According to its supervisor, the troupe has prepared a special program targeted at the tastes of Chinese ballet lovers.

The Canada Youth Ballet was founded in 1978. Over the decades it has produced a great number of world-class ballet dancers.

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen