Qin Hailu – the “ugliest” best actress

Mainland actress Qin Hailu is rather out of place in an industry dominated by pretty faces. She is characterized in her roles as somewhat impertinent. But she attracted a lot of attention to her herself in the 2000 Hong Kong film "Durian Durian", directed by Fruit Chan. The film portrays the experiences of a young girl and her sex worker neighbor in Hong Kong, played by Qin.

The film won the Best Picture award at the 38th Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards. Qin won the Best Actress and Best New Performer awards.

In addition to numerous awards, the film has received critical acclaim. Reviews have praised both director Fruit Chan and actress Qin Hailu. And also praised the film's contrasting themes, including urban squalor, youthful optimism and alienation. The film as been called "deliberate and brooding".