04-27-2009 08:54

The eagerly-awaited film "P-T-U 2", produced by Hong Kong director Johnnie To has been released. But this sequel to To's original popular action movie fails to live up to expectations, despite the return of the original cast and crew. Today's "Spotlight" shines on the movie.

Starring Simon Yam and Maggie Siu, "PTU 2" premiered last week. This story focuses on relations between members of a Police Tactical Unit, known as a P-T-U.

Director Wang-Cheong Law said, "The motif of this new movie is 'comradeship'. To my understanding, 'comradeship' means working partners who live through a lot of danger and difficulty together."

The story starts just a day before the scheduled disbanding of the PTU. An urgent task is suddenly assigned, breaking every member's plans.

The original 2003 "PTU" won Simon Yam "Best Actor" at the Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Awards. Maggie Siu was crowned "Best Actress Award". So it's no surprise that the two team up again for the sequel.

Actress Maggie Siu said, "There is a lot of pressure, as I am the only female policeman in the movie. But when you complete those tough acts, you just feel happy and forget all about difficulties. "

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