04-21-2009 09:06

US teenagers showed off their Chinese language proficiency over the weekend at the finals of the fourth "Chinese Bridge" US High School Student Chinese Speech Contest.

High school students from 21 US states participated in the competition. The finals were held at the University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute in Boston.

US teenagers showed off their Chinese language proficiency over the weekend at the finals of the fourth "Chinese Bridge" US High School Student Chinese Speech Contest.
US teenagers showed off their Chinese language proficiency over the
weekend at the finals of the fourth "Chinese Bridge" US High School
Student Chinese Speech Contest.

Organizers say the event aims to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in speaking a language which is increasingly important to American business and culture, and encourage more interest in the language and China.

Many of the students have lived in China as exchange students or volunteers.

Each student's performance was evaluated by a panel of Chinese language teachers and native Chinese speakers. 
Each student's performance was evaluated by a panel of Chinese language
teachers and native Chinese speakers. 

Students with one or two years of high school Chinese participated in small group dialogues on topics related to everyday life, while students with more than two years of Chinese language study presented individual speeches.

Each student's performance was evaluated by a panel of Chinese language teachers and native Chinese speakers.

At the climax of the event, the contestants sang the popular song for the Beijing Olympics "Beijing Welcomes You".

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen