04-20-2009 09:13

Legendary Hong Kong film actress Josephine Siao Fong Fong will be presented with a lifetime achievement at the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday night. The 62-year-old actress became popular as a child and continued her success, winning numerous domestic and international film awards throughout her career spanning some five decades.

Josephine Siao was born in 1947 as Siao Liang in Shanghai. At the age of two, she was brought to Hong Kong by her parents. Siao's first movie appearance was at age seven in "A Child's Tear". Two years later she won the Best Child Award for her role in "Orphan Girl".

Unlike many child stars, Siao made a successful transition to adult stardom, remaining one of Hong Kong's most prolific and popular actresses. In the 1960s alone, she starred in over 200 films. She was one of the popular female teenage stars who were termed the "Seven Cantonese Princesses" of the 60s. But she was perhaps the most popular of them all. She appeared in all sorts of films, from romance to drama, to comedy, action and fantasy.

In 1970, she cut back on her film output to focus on her education. Siao earned a Communications degree from New Jersey's Seton Hall University. From then on, she worked less frequently in films. In 1974, Siao had only a small part on the screen as the hero-cop "Girlfriend", but it won her the Best Supporting Actress at Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards.

In 1975, she worked as one of the directors for "Jumping Ash". The film is regarded by film critics as a prelude to the Hong Kong New Wave movies of the 1980s. She then created for TV the bumbling plain Jane character, Lam Ah Shun, in 1977.

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