04-17-2009 08:56

Wang Minji is a renowned calligrapher whose works are sought after both inside and outside China. His first collection was printed and released on Monday in Guilin, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Wang Minji is a renowned calligrapher whose works are sought after both inside and outside China.
Wang Minji is a renowned calligrapher whose works are sought after
both inside and outside China.

Wang Minji was born into a scholarly family in Guilin in 1932. He picked up the brush and began studying calligraphy at four years old. After mastering all the traditional genres of calligraphy, Wang formed his own style. A Japanese magazine used to laud his style as a harmonious combination of calligraphy and music.

Wang Minji's works have been collected by many celebrities, including the former US President Bill Clinton.

Wang Minji's works have been collected by many celebrities, including the former US President Bill Clinton.
Wang Minji's works have been collected by many celebrities, including
the former US President Bill Clinton.

The book "Calligraphy Collection of Wang Minji" is published by China International Culture Press. It will be displayed at this year's Hong Kong International Book Fair in July. The book will also hit book stores in a dozen countries including France, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen