04-17-2009 08:49

After a three-year journey to explore and experiment with their musical talents, folk rock band "Chi Ren" have released their debut album. The band celebrated the launch of "Chi Ren--Chapter One" with a performance at Beijing's Star Live Concert Hall Wednesday night.

The band's elaborate combination of traditional Chinese folk music with pop and rock drew raw emotions from the packed house.

After a three-year journey to explore and experiment with their musical talents, folk rock band "Chi Ren" have released their debut album.
After a three-year journey to explore and experiment with their musical
talents, folk rock band "Chi Ren" have released their debut album.

It's unusual for a local band to have more than two lead singers but "Chi Ren" boasts three. Each has a unique singing style that complements one another, resulting in an invitingly coherent sound.

The core band members were brought up in the Hutongs of Beijing, where they were exposed to grassroots culture at a tender age. The anecdotes and history associated with the Hutongs have deeply influenced and enriched their music. There are also elements drawn from local operas, such as the Peking Opera, incorporated with their fundamental rock n' roll.

Each has a unique singing style that complements one another, resulting in an invitingly coherent sound. 
Each has a unique singing style that complements one another, resulting
in an invitingly coherent sound. 

Wu Ze Qi, lead singer said, "We never used folk music elements in our music intentionally. I think it's natural for us pure Beijingers to do music like this. The traditional folk culture is deeply rooted in our blood."

In a world where many local bands come up with the stereotype of incorporating traditional folk music into alternative or rock music to achieve instant fame, "Chi Ren" has developed a unique and passionate sound.

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen