04-15-2009 08:58

An exhibition of the work of Ecuador's best known and respected artist, Oswaldo Guayasamin, has opened in Argentina.

The works are a dramatic reaction to fifty years of torture and oppression in South America and around the world. The organizers choosing the notorious naval mechanics' school ESMA. Escuela de Mecanic de la Armadas in the capital Buenos Aires, as the location.

An exhibition of the work of Ecuador's best known and respected artist, Oswaldo Guayasamin, has opened in Argentina. 
An exhibition of the work of Ecuador's best known and respected artist,
Oswaldo Guayasamin, has opened in Argentina. 

The complex was one of Argentina's biggest detention and torture centers during Argentina's military dictatorship. There, over 5-thousand political dissidents were detained and tortured between 1976 and 1983. Little more than a hundred survived, according to the protest group Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

The exhibition commemorates the founding of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, 32 years ago, and the 90th anniversary of Oswaldo Guayasamin's birth. The artist's son Pablo presides over the Guayasamin Foundation in memory of one of the most important names in 20th century South American art.

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