Source: Shanghai Daily

04-14-2009 10:47

Shanghai is working hard on projects to cater for tourists visiting the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, authorities said Monday.

Also under construction are a number of hostels in downtown areas which will offer bunk beds to tourists at around 100 yuan (US$14.63) a night. [Photo:Xinhuanet]
Also under construction are a number of hostels in downtown 
areas which will offer bunk beds to tourists at around 100 yuan
(US$14.63) a night. [Photo:Xinhuanet]

Themed bus tour packages are to run during weekdays and will feature history, museums, modern construction and community culture, the Shanghai Tourism Administration said.

Several holiday resorts, such as the wetland park on Chongming Island, and the watertown holiday resorts in Qingpu District, are to be improved this year.

The city is also to have at least 30 luxury hotels with more than 12,000 rooms available for Expo visitors, officials said.

Some of the hotels will be improved from existing ones, to bring them up to four or five-star standards. Others are currently being built.

Also under construction are a number of hostels in downtown areas which will offer bunk beds to tourists at around 100 yuan (US$14.63) a night.

Officials said the projects would also help in the fight against the economic downturn.

According to the bureau's statistics, about 1.09 million foreign tourists visited the city during January to March, about 9.3 percent fewer than last year in the same period.

More than 70 million tourists from home and abroad are expected to visit Expo.

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Editor:Liu Fang