04-13-2009 09:40

Treading on the heels of "Zhang Side" and "The Knot", Director Yin Li and Screen Writer Liu Heng have teamed up again for a film centered around model oil worker Wang Jinxi. This ordinary person was recognized as a model worker in China decades ago, but a film based on his life will be released on the May Day holiday.

Titled "Iron Man", the film pays tribute to the steely spirit of a hero in the face of great hardship.
Titled "Iron Man", the film pays tribute to the steely
spirit of a hero in the face of great hardship.

Through the portrayal of the life and career of Wang Jinxi, the new film is an ode to the old generation of oil workers who contributed their youth to the successful establishment of the country's heavy industry. The film also chronicles China's oil industry spanning half a century.

Titled "Iron Man", the film pays tribute to the steely spirit of a hero in the face of great hardship. The film depicts his struggle during oil exploration work, and his unselfish contribution to the country's oil industry.

Locations for shooting the film included the Tarim oil fields of China's northwest, and the Daqing oil field in the northeast. Director Yin Li recalls the crew members braving all sorts of hardships during the shooting.