04-09-2009 09:26

The annual Chinese Film Festival opened in Hollywood on Monday. It forms part of the celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between China and the United States.

The annual Chinese Film Festival opened in Hollywood on Monday. 

A delegation of China's leading actresses and directors graced the opening ceremony of the film festival. They were joined by over a hundred of their American counterparts.

Fourteen movies from China, including "Forever Enthralled" and "Yip Man" will be screened at the festival.

Fourteen movies from China, including "Forever Enthralled" and "Yip Man" will be screened at the festival. 
Fourteen movies from China, including "Forever Enthralled" and "Yip Man"
will be screened at the festival. 

Tong Gang, the director of China Film Bureau said, "In 2008, over four hundred movies were produced in China. But most of them remain unknown to audiences in the United States. So we've brought fourteen movies here, hopefully to generate widespread awareness and interest in Chinese movies and culture."

The first movie shown to the American audience was "Forever Enthralled" by director Chen Kaige.

Aside from promoting Chinese film culture abroad, the festival also serves as a platform for international dialogue and collaboration in film education, financing and production.

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen