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Now for a story of one man, eight donkeys, and a passion to bring the joy of reading to children. Not content with teaching pupils to read in class, school teacher Luis Soriano has created a mobile donkey library to bring literature to children in Colombia's remote villages.

Now for a story of one man, eight donkeys, and a passion to bring the
joy of reading to children.

Luis Soriano is a school teacher in the village of La Gloria, in Magdalena province, Northern Colombia. For Soriano teaching is a vocation, so rather than relaxing at the weekends he saddles up one his donkeys, chooses a selection of books and sets off into the countryside.

The project that started with one man, one donkey and few books has grown to eight donkeys and thousands of books.

Soriano's project has become known as the donkey library or "Biblioburro" in Spanish and the sight of the man on a mule is common around the region. His favourite companions on his mission are his most loyal donkeys called Alfa and Beto. Their names reflect his determination to teach local children the alphabet.

Soriano's project has become known as the donkey library or "Biblioburro" in Spanish and the sight of the man on a mule is common around the region.
Soriano's project has become known as the donkey library or "Biblioburro"
in Spanish and the sight of the man on a mule is common around the region.

Soriano says children are influenced by adults, and just as cruelty affects them, so too does goodness. And he hopes that one day his students will become regular adult readers.

Soriano says when he began the library, eleven years ago, he had 70 books. Now the number has increased to a collection of more than 4,800 books, mostly thanks to donations.

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen