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Taiwan pop fans braved the rain and cool temperatures to attend the region's longest running music festival, the "Spring Scream", over the weekend. The three-day festival opened on Friday in the coastal resort of Kenting.

Taiwan pop fans braved the rain and cool temperatures to attend the region's longest running music festival, the "Spring Scream", over the weekend.
Taiwan pop fans braved the rain and cool temperatures to attend the
region's longest running music festival, the "Spring Scream", over
the weekend.

At the opening ceremony, bikini clad women danced on stage while groups of twenty-somethings, dressed in floral-print beach pants and flip-flops, congregated.

The festival is run by its American founders, Jimi Moe and Wade Davis.

The three-day festival opened on Friday in the coastal resort of Kenting. 
The three-day festival opened on Friday in the coastal resort of

This year's event boasts 200 acts across 8 stages, including local pop divas A-mei and Joanna Wang. It's expected to attract a crowd close to 10,000.

The 15-year-old festival is an annual celebration of pop culture and laid-back living and is seen as a release from the sometimes reserved life styles that characterize the oriental culture.

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen