04-04-2009 10:10

42 seconds seems too short a time to have a dream, but that's exactly how long some filmmakers were given to depict one in a recent competition. Since late last year, pioneers of Chinese and international film have been encouraged to enter a competition called "One Dream Rush". And drink maker "42 Below" decided all entries had to be exactly 42 seconds long. On Thursday, the top 42 works were announced in Beijing.

The competition's showcase event was held at the Beijing Film Musuem and gathered some of the most daring and innovative filmmakers from around the world.

This alternative short film challenge was launched last October. Pioneering Chinese directors Lou Ye and Zhang Yuan, as well as big names from the international movie industry such as David Lynch, Mike Figgis, Tadanobu Asano and Chris Milk all submitted entries.

In just 42 seconds, the participating artists depict their dreams, their perspectives on the world, their fears, furies, imaginations and love in a strikingly pithy and convincing way, using only the language of the lens.

Hundreds of young and innovative Chinese directors submitted their best efforts, which were judged by an equally impressive jury. Cary Woods, the prestigious American producer, who shot to fame with the blockbuster "Godzilla" and the "Scream" series, was full of praise for the Chinese filmmakers.

China's National Film Museum, the largest movie industry museum in the world, will house the best 42 short films. Xia Gang, a representative of China's fifth generation of directors, and also a jury member, analyzed today's Chinese movie industry.

Film director, Xia Gang, said, "Unfortunately I didn't see all the candidates' works because an elimination was held before the jury process starts. I think it's a good platform for young filmmakers because everyone has the same 42 seconds. The Chinese film industry has entered into a prosperous era, with more blockbusters coming out, new cinema lines and advanced techniques. But creativity is still a problem. I've see some very creative works in this competition and I hope those directors keep working."

From Friday, all the top entries will be showcased at the Today Art Gallery in Beijing. For film lovers, it's a rare opportunity to enjoy the magic of film art. And for young Chinese filmmakers, it's a chance to launch themselves into the international market.


Editor:Liu Anqi