03-25-2009 08:37

As part of its 6-year redevelopment project, the Hong Kong Ocean Park will launch two attractions next month.

As part of its 6-year redevelopment project, the Hong Kong Ocean Park will launch two attractions next month.
As part of its 6-year redevelopment project, the Hong Kong Ocean Park
will launch two attractions next month.

The Amazing Asian Animals attraction will include four pandas,as well as alligators, tortoises and birds. The pandas will be on loan from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. And an Ocean Express train system is being built in a tunnel stretching over a kilometer, linking two sections of the park. It is expected to carry 10-thousand passengers per hour. The 5 billion HK dollar investment demonstrates Ocean Park's determination to maintain its position as Hong Kong's oldest amusement park.

And an Ocean Express train system is being built in a tunnel stretching over a kilometer, linking two sections of the park. It is expected to carry 10-thousand passengers per hour. 
And an Ocean Express train system is being built in a tunnel stretching
over a kilometer, linking two sections of the park. It is expected to
carry 10-thousand passengers per hour. 

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Editor:Zhao Yanchen