03-07-2009 13:36

India is no stranger to immortal love stories. It is home to the Taj Mahal - the most famous monument to love ever built - created by a grief-stricken Mughal emperor for his wife.

In a role reversal of sorts, a widow in the South Indian state of Kerala has found a unique way to keep her husband's memory alive. She has set up a museum to showcase her family's vast private collection of precious art and artifacts.

In a role reversal of sorts, a widow in the South Indian 
state of Kerala has found a unique way to keep her
 husband's memory alive. She has set up a museum to 
showcase her family's vast private collection of precious
 art and artifacts.

Located in the town of Alappuzha, the Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum is a love connoisseur's delight.

It was built by Betty Karan after her husband Revi's death in 2003.

They were married for 46 years and travelled extensively in connection with their textile export business.

It was during these trips in India and abroad that Betty and Revi - both avid art collectors - picked up the pieces making up their collection.

They also inherited a great number of artifacts from their families.

After Revi's death, Betty was keen to preserve the essence of their love through something tangible.

So she decided the best tribute to her husband would be to share the family treasure with other people.