02-18-2009 08:58

An exhibition of Middle Eastern art by emerging Arab artists is being hailed as a breakthrough in London. Despite a rich visual tradition dating back hundreds of years, new artists from the Middle East struggle to gain exposure. Their efforts are represented in the artistic interpretation of events, as well as the reality of everyday living that challenges the traditional roles of men and women.

Nineteen Middle Eastern artists are exhibiting their works at the Saatchi gallery in London.
Nineteen Middle Eastern artists are exhibiting their works at the
Saatchi gallery in London.

Nineteen Middle Eastern artists are exhibiting their works at the Saatchi gallery in London. They bring unique perceptions of life to a Western audience.

Many play on taboo themes which rework the roles of men and women in Iranian society.

In 'Ghost,' Kader Attia's use of tin foil figurines of Muslim women at prayer questions modern ideologies - from religion and nationalism to consumerism.

The theme of repression can be seen in Shadi Ghadirian's 'Like Everyday' series. It ironically portrays a one dimensional interpretation of housewives, reducing their identities to cleaners and cooks.

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