02-12-2009 08:19

Russian coin collector Yuri Babin intends to use more than five million kopeck pieces to erect a seven tonne monument to the currency.

The monument will be in the form of a one-kopeck coin. It will be mounted on a pedestal and decorated with Russian and Soviet coats of arms. Yuri hopes it will somehow represent the histories of Russians who have used the coins. He got the idea to collect loose change during a trip to the United States in 1998. It then became a hobby that has overtaken his entire Novosibirsk apartment.

In 1998 a currency crisis hit Russia and led to the devaluation of the rouble. Worried the kopeck would disappear, Babin began his collection. He gathered coins from the street, kiosks, friends and banks, eventually amassing more than five million pieces. His collection weighs more than seven tons and is valued at over 50 thousand roubles.

Yuri's collection also includes some rare coins dating back to Peter the Great.


Editor:Liu Fang