02-11-2009 08:53

Tea has been a deeply-rooted part of Chinese life since it first rose to popularity more than 1-thousand years ago, during the Tang Dynasty. There's white tea for spring, green tea for summer, oolong tea for autumn, and black tea for winter. You may even have your own favorite variety. And with tea there are always teahouses popular with locals and visitors alike, from farmers and workers to celebrities like former US President Geoge W. Bush and Queen Rania of Jordan. On today's China Cool, we take a closer look at one of the most popular teahouses in Beijing -- the Laoshe Teahouse.

A 10 minute walk from Tiananmen square, Laoshe Tea House is a hot spot for both foreign tourists and local people. Spend just two hours here at Laoshe Teahouse, and you'll experience the authentic life of old Beijing: sipping cups of tea and munching on local snacks, while watching a revue of the most popular Chinese traditional performances.

The tea house is named after renowned Chinese writer Lao She famous for his drama "Teahouse", a vivid portrayal of the social dimensions of old Beijing.

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