01-19-2009 09:40

IP Man has quenched many cinema-goers' thirst for a good art movie. It has already grossed over 100 million yuan at the box office. On Monday, the entire cast and crew gathered in Beijing for a celebration.

IP Man's release came between two blockbusters: "Forever Enthralled" and “If Your Are the One ". But the timing of the release seemed to have little affect. People even called cinemas to demand more screenings.

Actor Donnie Yen said, “I am very glad to see so much support from audiences. I have been told by many that they love the film very much, especially in Hong Kong. You know, audiences' options are a lot during the New Year Season. Some are big-budget smash hits. Even so, 'IP Man' has stayed at the top of the chart for three weeks. "

IP Man has been voted by Netizens to be the best film of 2008. And Donnie Yen's popularity is growing. He is expected to be a competitive nominee at the coming Hong Kong Film Awards.

"There have been a lot of questions about whether I was the best choice for the film. Some even doubted my acting was good enough. Now I want to thank those people. It was their doubt that spurred me to do my best." said actor Donnie Yen.

The Hong Kong Film Awards would pit Donnie Yen against Tony Leung for the title of Best Actor. Tony Leung must now be feeling some pressure from the big success of "IP Man".


Editor:Zhao Yanchen