01-12-2009 09:03

The first installment of John Woo's big screen epic "Red Cliff" swept the world in 2008 with its grand battle scenes. It earned a global box office return equivalent to five hundred million yuan. The second installment premiered Wednesday in China.

The first installment of John Woo's big screen epic "Red Cliff" swept the world in 2008 with its grand battle scenes. 
The first installment of John Woo's big screen epic "Red Cliff" 
swept the world in 2008 with its grand battle scenes.

John Woo's adaptation of the ancient Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" continues. The tale unfolds in 208 AD during the Han dynasty. It was a time when China was divided into many warring states.

Some classic battles from history are vividly portrayed, with some high tech help.

On one of the main characters, Xiao Qiao, the director said he has his own ideas.

John Woo said, "Xiao Qiao is a pivotal part for the story. Along with Sun Shangxiang. I put more efforts on accentuating these characters. The story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms has been told on the big screen many times. I hope this version delivers a touch of reality for theater-goers. So I took advice from historians and experts and I've learned that the story of 'Zhou Yu thrashing Huang Gai' is omething fictional. Huang Gai wouldn't stand fifty strokes and still continue to fight. That wouldn't be possible because five strokes could beat a person half to death."