12-01-2008 09:19

Stars of the film "The Underdog Knight" gathered for a press conference prior to the film's release. The flick is a comedy about tough guys.

Stars of the film "The Underdog Knight" gathered for a press conference prior to the film's release. The flick is a comedy about tough guys.
Stars of the film "The Underdog Knight" gathered for a press 
conference prior to the film's release. The flick is a comedy
about tough guys.

Sun Honglei, Anthony Wong and You Yong excel in tough guy roles. But Liu Ye, usually appears in art house films, and isn't viewed as a tough guy at all.

Liu Ye said, "They all look very tough, masculine. I learned a lot from them. I'm not a typical sort of tough guy. I picked up some tough ways from them."

Liu Ye also abandons his cool, spare image. He gained 15 kilograms for his role. He also sings the vocals for the movies' theme along with Xiao Ke.