11-24-2008 14:01

A low budget Taiwan produced film titled "Cape No.7" has become the most stirring news in Chinese language cinema this year. The film, produced on an investment of 50 million new Taiwan dollars, or 1.5 million US Dollars, has set the box office record for a locally produced film. The film's earnings stand at 450 million new Taiwan Dollars, or 14 million US Dollars. The film's success is also stirring hope for a renaissance in Taiwan's film industry. On today's the Spotlight, let's focus on "Cape No.7" and other recent cinematic success stories.

A low budget Taiwan produced film titled "Cape No.7" has become the most stirring news in Chinese language cinema this year.
A low budget Taiwan produced film titled "Cape No.7" has become
 the most stirring news in Chinese language cinema this year.

Taiwan films established their reputation based on their deep, moving "human stories." During the 1990's many directors and actors from Taiwan earned renown in international film circles. Since then however, winter seems to have felled on the island's film industry.

In 1991, 33 films were produced in Taiwan, 48 fewer than in 1990. Ticket sales also dropped 1.4 million over 1990.