11-03-2008 09:31

Twilight Dancing, an edgy, experimental indie film without dialogue had its Beijing premiere, Wednesday night. The star power of director Shu Ya and leading actress Wang Luodan drew many to the opening.

Twilight Dancing, an edgy, experimental indie film without dialogue had its Beijing premiere, Wednesday night.
Twilight Dancing, an edgy, experimental indie film without 
dialogue had its Beijing premiere.

Up and coming actress Wang Luodan shot to fame on the small screen in the 2007 TV series Starting From Scratch. In the TV series Wang played Mi Lai, a girl from a wealthy family, always optimistic in her never ending pursuit of love. The film pairs Wang with award-winning actor Cheng Taisheng in the directorial debut of Shu Ya.

In Twilight Dancing, Wang appears in a long wig and loose-fitting white cotton blouse as Mei Mei. Owing to happenstance, Mei Mei becomes associated with two men.

Twilight Dancing, an edgy, experimental indie film without dialogue had its Beijing premiere, Wednesday night.
Twilight Dancing, an edgy, experimental indie
film without dialogue had its Beijing premiere.

Twilight Dancing had its splashy world premiere at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival earlier this month.

Wang Luodan said, "When I was recruited for the cast of this film, my TV series Starting from Scratch had not even aired. Ironically, the film director told me he wouldn't have included me in the cast if he'd seen the TV series. So I was actually very lucky to get the role."

Twilight Dancing will be on limited release across the country, starting November 8th.


Editor:Liu Fang