10-31-2008 09:13

Hundreds of kites floated aloft at Cape Town's International Kite Festival. There were small hand made creations and huge balloon kites. The festival aims to raise awareness concerning mental health issues in the community.

Hundreds of kites floated aloft at Cape Town's International Kite Festival. There were small hand made creations and huge balloon kites.
Hundreds of kites floated aloft at Cape Town's International 
Kite Festival. There were small hand made creations and huge 
balloon kites.

Kites of all shapes and sizes filled the skies over Cape Town at the 14th annual International Kite Festival.

Approximately 25,000 kite makers, enthusiasts and fliers attended. Some traveled from as far away as Germany and the United States.

David and Susan Gomberg are accomplished kite flyers. They are owners of a large kite distribution company.

The Gombergs perform at 20-30 events each year.

Kites of all shapes and sizes filled the skies over Cape Town at the 14th annual International Kite Festival.
Kites of all shapes and sizes filled the skies over Cape Town
at the 14th annual International Kite Festival.

They have been coming to the Cape Town International Kite Festival since 2002 and they are the current patrons of the festival.