10-13-2008 09:31

The 2008 version of the epic TV series the "Three Kingdoms", finally announced the commencement of shooting in Beijing this week. The production has been in preparation for five years. The star-studded line-up was also unveiled.

The 2008 version of the epic TV series the "Three Kingdoms", finally announced the commencement of shooting in Beijing this week.
The 2008 version of the epic TV series the "Three Kingdoms",
finally announced the commencement of shooting in Beijing 
this week.

Director Gao Xixi escorted leading actors Chen Jianbin, Lu Yi, Ruby Lin and Peter Ho as they appeared before the media. Gao says he feels great responsibilities as he faces the work ahead. He says he is determined to overcome all the difficulties and present a brand new "Three Kingdoms".

Gao Xixi said, "It is all about the details. It matters how we will make the first step, and of course each step is important."

Gao revealed the names of films 14 leading characters and the film's posters. It's a star studded line up. Lu Yi, the good looking singer and actor from the Chinese mainland, plays Zhuge Liang, the minister of the Kingdom of Shu. He appears to have impressed the media. But there was debate over Chen Jianbin who plays Cao Cao, a statesmen during the Three Kingdoms.