09-23-2008 10:17

The city of Guangzhou was unusually animated this past weekend --- pardon the pun --- by a festival of cartoons from around the world. The first China International Cartoon Festival has opened at the Guangzhou Children's Palace. This week, a variety of activities will be held including a cartoon-drawing contest and a costume competition for people dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters.

The first China International Cartoon Festival has opened at the Guangzhou Children's Palace.
The first China International Cartoon Festival has opened 
at the Guangzhou Children's Palace.

Familiar cartoon images drew crowds of children -- and some adults -- to interact with their favorite cartoon heroes. Visitors were also encouraged to draw comic images along a 30-meter-long white wall. Their drawings will eventually form a complete comic strip.

A cartoon fan said, "The images I'm painting are my own creations. They are my friends. Cartoons are so entertaining that I can learn the inside stories with ease."

Statistics show that cartoon books are the top choice of reading material for people born after the 1990. Experts say the trend needs to be steered with some effective guidance.