09-01-2008 11:09

With Olympic fever finally abating, many people may feel at a loss for something to watch. Well, there's always the option of a good music video. On today's Countdown, we list five recent music videos and see who's winning gold on the Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment scenes.

No.5 Knowing All

After a four-year hiatus, Hong Kong singer Daniel Chan is back with a brand-new mandarin album "Dream-walk in Space." The album has a definite extraterrestrial feel. And there's Daniel dressed up as an astronaut. The title song, "Knowing All" is a determined departure from Chan's recognized musical style. Having penned three songs out of ten in the album, Chan is also trying to establish a new identity, as the album's producer.

No.4 Turning Point

The new album from Wilber Pan, just as its name suggests, is the turning point of Pan's career. From "Gecko Strolls", the first album in 2002 to his hit collection "Turning Point" in July this year, Pan has evolved from a singer into a musician who composes and produces his own albums. Apart from a collection of his greatest hits, Turning Point introduces three new songs, all composed by Pan.

No.3 I Can't Sing

I Can't Sing is the title track of "Everywhere," a new album by singer Alan Luo. Cameras have started rolling for the music video of I Can't Sing. It's a love story told through the soulful portrayal of Alan Luo and Karena Lam, the winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

No.2 Music Lets Me Talk

A singer can never just get up and sing anymore. In the increasingly competitive music industry, today's star writes, composes, acts and maybe directs his own music video. Such versatile talent is found in Hong Kong singer Kenji Wu. Music Lets Me Talk is a video in the distinctive Wu style. It's a sort of light hearted romantic sketch that easily captures the imagination and touches the heart.

No.1 Stop Talking

Stop talking and sing! Hong Kong singer Eason Chan is riding a wave with his award-winning single "Admit it." He's out to produce more mandarin titles. Stop Talking is the theme song for the film Esquire Runway. It's collected in the his new album "Don't Wanna Let Go", produced by Jim Lee.


Editor:Liu Fang