Source: CRI

07-15-2008 11:07

Special Report:   Post-quake reconstruction

Chinese mainland actress Jiang Qinqin acted in a public welfare movie for earthquake disaster relief directed by Gu Changwei, according to Information Times.

Actress Jiang Qinqin, with her face smeared with mud and blood, plays a mother in a public welfare movie for the disaster relief efforts of the 5.12 earthquake on Saturday, July 12, 2008. [Photo: Lanzhou Evening News]
Actress Jiang Qinqin, with her face smeared with mud 
and blood, plays a mother in a public welfare movie 
for the disaster relief efforts of the 5.12 earthquake 
on Saturday, July 12, 2008. [Photo: Lanzhou Evening News]

In the movie, she plays a mother who protected her baby with her own body during the earthquake. The mother also used up her last breath to write a message to her son: "Dear baby, if you can survive the disaster, please remember that mom loves you."

This is Jiang Qinqin's first film role since giving birth to her son.

Jiang Qinqin was very dedicated in acting the part of the loving mother. She smeared her face with mud and blood and irritated her eyes to make them blood-shot.

This movie, part of the "1/2008 public welfare movie action," is based on a true story from the May 12 earthquake.