07-09-2008 09:03

"Heart of Ice" is the big winner at the this year's Changchun Film Festival. The film scooped four of the most coveted prizes, at the ninth biennial awards. 30-years after the the Reform and Opening-up Policy, the festival provided a special showcase to films about the vast changes in the Chinese countryside.

"Heart of Ice" is an inspirational tale. It's about a group of impoverished ice skaters on their way to national stardom. Their Coach Zhao Hongqi, played by Ren Chengwei, is the man who engineers the achievement. The picture won the award as Best Chinese Language Film. It has also garnered the awards for Best Director - Xu Geng; Best Actor, Ren Chengwei, and Best Music. Shanghai actress Ma Yili won the Best Actress Award for her portrayal of a village girl in the romantic story, "Good Man."

The award-winners are generally low budget productions. They are widely considered to be chronicles of change during times of rapid change in China. The jury notes that while small productions may be overshadowed by blockbusters in market appeal, they can present wholesome, touching stories, that are good for the industry.

It's 30 years since China implemented its reform and opening-up policy. The Changchun Festival paid due respect to the landmark anniversary. 48 films are scheduled for screening during the month, in the 124 townships of Changchun. The In-laws, and the Story of Qiuju are among the top ten audience favorites, as revealed in a city wide poll.

The Changchun Film Festival is a national festival held every other year since 1992.


Editor:Liu Fang