07-06-2008 10:36

How is China seen through the eyes of UK artists? That is the question attempted to be answered by a UK contemporary exhibition that opened Friday at the Today Art Museum in Beijing. Entitled "Eight Visions, One Dream", the show is also part of the on-going Meet In Beijing cultural events series.

Eight celebrated artists from Britain were invited to create works of art based on the experience of their early trips to China. Their disparate visions of China are on display, demonstrated through various forms including photos, paintings and installations.

Jamaica-born photographer Dennis Morris has collaborated with a number of musicians and bands worldwide, including the Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Marianne Faithful and Brian Ferry. His works are influenced a great deal by reportage, one of the oldest techniques in photography. Digital techniques are also employed in his productions, resulting in a unique combination.

Dennis Morris, one photographer said "What I try to do with my work is to capture the spirit of people of each place I visited in China."

Stach Hoyt, another of the eight participating artists, is fascinated by the topic of sports, in particular boxing and martial arts. His installation "Enter the Dragon", made by 25 silk brocade heavy bags suspended from the ceiling, creates an isolated space where viewers can enter and ascend a stairway podium. Sitting on the stool on the top step, viewers are able to hear the sound of fighting coming from speaker underneath the stool.

The eight artists were invited to China under a project named "Building Bridges" by the Red Mansion Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1999. The project was set up to inspire and create dialogue between the East and West.

The exhibition runs till July 17th.


Editor:Xiong Qu