06-30-2008 09:13

The highly-anticipated blockbuster Red Cliff prepares for its premiere. And now it has a theme song. "Heart War" comes to music stores.

The highly-anticipated blockbuster Red Cliff prepares for its premiere. And now it has a theme song. "Heart War" comes to music stores. 
The highly-anticipated blockbuster Red Cliff prepares
for its premiere. And now it has a theme song. "Heart
War" comes to music stores.

It's said "Red Cliff" will be the most elegant Chinese film in history. Every detail of the production has been pored over by media and the public. That makes the theme music a big deal. The producer unveiled the tune and the MV in Beijing early this week. It's called "Heart War", resonating the spirit of John Woo's interpretation of the Three Kingdoms - fight for peace.

Japan's Kazuhito Kikuchi composed the tune. Well known Taiwan music producer Francis Lee wrote the lyrics. Lee said at the release - he believes the battle of the three ancient kingdoms was a battle of heart.


Editor:Liu Fang