06-19-2008 09:58

Two ancient grand tombs have been unearthed in the central China's city of Xinzheng. Archaeologists, after a preliminary assessment say they believe the tombs are part of the royal mausoleum of the Kingdom of Han, some 2 thousand years ago. The tombs were discovered by the South-to-North Water Transfer Project.

Two ancient grand tombs have been unearthed in the central China's city of Xinzheng.(Photo:
Two ancient grand tombs have been unearthed in the central 
China's city of Xinzheng.(Photo:

The site is in the town of Huzhuang. Nearby is another important historical site known as "the Old Capital of the Han Kingdom". Researchers believe the tombs extend from the huge graveyard of the "Old Capital" site. The tomb and its adjacent buildings cover an area of about 12 thousand square meters. Thus far, only the tops of the chambers of the two tombs have been unearthed.

According to head of the archeological team, both tombs date to the late Warring States Period of the 3rd century BC. Judging by their scale and decoration, the occupants are believed to be members of the royal family.

So far, archeological workers have discovered more than 300 small tombs around the two mausoleums. Apart from that they have found over 500 antique pieces made of bronze, iron, jade, and pottery.(Photo:
Archeological workers have found over 500 antique pieces made
of bronze, iron, jade, and pottery.(Photo:
So far, archeological workers have discovered more than 300 small tombs around the two mausoleums. Apart from that they have found over 500 antique pieces made of bronze, iron, jade, and pottery.


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