06-15-2008 08:54

Special Report:   Post-quake reconstruction
Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

The May 12th earthquake has dealt a blow to tourism in the city of Dujiangyan. The quake damaged some of the most famous historic sites, including the ancient waterworks of Dujiangyan. A month later, efforts to repair have paid off, as a handful of the historic sites have reopened.

The May 12th earthquake has dealt a blow to tourism in the city of Dujiangyan.
The May 12th earthquake has dealt a blow to tourism in the
city of Dujiangyan.

The Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project, built over 2000 years ago, made the World Heritage list in 2000. It's one of the region's most popular tourist destinations.

After the quake, the local government quickly assessed the damage. They decided part of the historic sites around the project could be open to the public free of charge, while repairs were underway.

The vice director of the Dujiangyan Historic Sites Monitoring Bureau, Ji Yanli, said they want people to see how the World Heritage was damaged, as well as how it's repaired.

Besides Dujiangyan, another 13 cities and counties including Zigong, Panzhihua and Luzhou are working to bring back the tourists. These destinations are expected to be open next week.