06-13-2008 08:16

Turning now to the world of letters and a story about an author and her crusade that made her a woman ahead of her time. Beatrix Potter is known the world over for her children's books especially the tales of Peter Rabbit. She was also a pioneering environmentalist a century ago. Today's publishers of the Peter Rabbit books are launching a green edition of the stories. Some of the proceeds will be going toward reforestation.

Turning now to the world of letters and a story about an author and her crusade that made her a woman ahead of her time.
Turning now to the world of letters and a story about an author
and her crusade that made her a woman ahead of her time.
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Beatrix Potter published her stories herself more than a hundred years ago. She had no idea people would still enjoying the tales over a century later.

The series is published in 35 languages. Book sales are above 151 million copies.

Beatrix Potter was also a successful environmentalist.

She bequeathed 14 farms encompassing 4000 acres of land to Britain's National Trust. That's part of the motivation for the new "green edition."

The paper will come from managed forests. The print will come from vegetable ink.